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Pretty fucking good. Mixing isnt perfect, but this is the shit the man. You guys will make it big.

bipolarmunkey responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate that comment. I really hope you're right, lol. We've been saving up some cash from our past shows and bought some t-shirts to sell to refuel our "studio funds" so hopefully we'll be having some more studio time in our future. I really appreciate your comment.

If you would, head to facebook.com/farfromsundown and click "like" help us get out there. Thanks!

Oh dear,

Out of tune. Sounded really bad. The way you panned all of the sounds was bad, you made the voice way too loud and the rest of them not loud enough. You suck dick at singing, so congratulations on being the first person using autotune in a rock cover. I suggest getting a cable allowing the guitar to feed directly into the computer. In real (professional) music recording. Drums, guitar, bass, and vocals are on different layers, recorded at different times. So all of their volumes can be adjusted as needed. The reason I give you one star is because I have 4 schecter guitars, all diamond series. Ones a synyster gates custom, ones a custom made white Schecter Hellraiser c-1, a schecter avenger( the orginal uncustomized version of the synyster gates custom), and the USA Devil Custom-FR (the uncustomized rh version that zacky vengeance uses)
And Bryce's guitar playing skills were okay so I gave you another.

ArisingFlame responds:

The mastering got messed up when I exported it. I'm still trying to figure out where. But as far as the autotuning goes, we wanted to keep some of the taste of the original song. That was intentional. It is not all one take, so the volume is easily fixed.
Also, why would you think that this was a one take recording? Everything was done individually, on separate layers, at separate times, and heavily practiced.
So... If you'd like to add something constructive, go ahead. Otherwise, who gives a fuck what guitars YOU own?


How did this get to front page?? This is horrible? There's so much repetition, it needs lyrics, but it seems like you got lazy and didn't feel like it. You should've put bass guitar in it, or something to give it more personality. This sucks cock. There is one drum rhythm throughout the song, and two guitar notes. Don't post on Newgrounds until you decide to put some quality into your work.


awesome shit dude. RIP Jimmy
Love this song.
Kickass cover!

This sounds like

Final Fantasy Stuff


all the other songs of the "Rose at..." series are great. This one is out of place and sounds like a shit load of FF songs just smashes together with some percussion thrown in there. I dont like it...make it sound like the other ones

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